About Us

Our History

Mr. Ali Al-Ahmed started his career when he was 16 years old as a salesman in a jewel store. He planned to be a jewel store owner. In 2000, he rented a small part in a jewelry store to sell diamonds. Although he was still young, he worked very hard and traveled to many countries. He opened the 1st shop in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Nothing stopped his dreams, and he continued his hard work. In 2003, the 2nd branch opened in Riyadh. Finally, he decided to become one of the biggest dealers in Saudi Arabia. When he became a distinguished & successful businessman, he opened the 3rd branch in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, in 2005. and the 4th branch will open in Al-Ahssa in 2010. His ambitions transcend the Eastern Province up to the Western Province to Jeddah, the city which will embrace the 6th branch.

Our Clients


In the whole cities & areas in Saudi Arabia, from our stores that spread in our country or from international exhibitions, Diamond Sea worked to be always present in the national & international exhibitions & the 1st in cultural domain to develop its productions which includes pure diamonds and hand made.  Diamond Sea customers special services :  Gives customers point for every customer. Gives customers special cards (bronze, silver or golden ) depends on customers purchases. It's slogan  is: customer existences us, so we work to gain him. Works very hard to serve the customers. Has a complete professional team, able to make any design. Able to ensure any kind of diamond or stones. Schedule each branch to: marketing department, sales department, development department. Advertise the new products to the customers by sending mobile SMS message, e-mails, & roads signs. Finally, Diamond Sea could gain good repute in jewel market, that caused gates good experience during this domain.