Director General's speech

Since our first start, we have sought hard to make our services at the expected level to progress towards perfection. We have not reached perfection, but we are trying to reach it.  Nonetheless, our ambitions transcend the first steps to the highest ranks. Therefore, we have to focus our attention on the development and improvement of our Establishment to be the seed of well-being on everybody, and I specify that which was previously made of valuable and pure jewelry, which we promised of at the beginning.  We will be very careful to give the customer the exact documents quite honestly about the available diamonds, and so we have a good reputation, inside and outside the country. Therefore we exert ourselves in choosing the best kinds of precious pieces with international measures impearled in the best factories in terms of experience and efficiency. Thus, we are active in all international exhibitions on order to gain the best expertise. We look forward to engraving Diamond Sea in the whole world. Because we weave from imagination to reality, you can, dear customer, draw whatever in your mind and we will produce it in your real world.  It is my pleasure that you wear the most beautiful jewelry of the highest quality that we could, carefully choose as we made use of our expertise in this domain and poured our long experience in an ornament you wear to lighten you face. The hard diamonds that cannot be overcome is now on your fingertip. It has purity just like glittering water and flows from your neck to your hands to boast about it and attract those around you to the world of jewelry. We made purity, fineness and bright color our first criterion of diamonds.  As we usually do, we provide diversity of colors of gemstones which you have always loved with its brightness and beautiful polish created by the Almighty, so that you can be the best of those around you.  Diamond Sea is a trademark engraved with diamonds since it is from you and to you. So, don't hesitate to choose what suits your beautiful world. We trust